This recipe, Chicken Drumsticks and Vegetables in Mustard Tarragon Sauce, is made with carrots, small red potatoes, wine and other ingredients that make this dish good on a rainy Sunday afternoon…(like the day we’re having right now). I’m not a fan of mustard, so I think I would leave that out of the recipe…but that’s just me. You bake it until the chicken is done, then remove the chicken. At the point the cream and the rest of the ingredients go into the pan…stir until the drippings in the pan thicken up; and dinner is served. My thanks go out to Country Living for this tasty recipe.

Here is what you’ll need to make Chicken Drumsticks and Vegetables in Mustard Tarragon Sauce:

2 tbsp. olive oil
2 tsp. Kosher salt
1¼ tsp. Freshly ground black pepper
1¼ lb. small red potatoes
1 lb. large carrots
1 red onion
1 lemon
3 clove garlic
8 large chicken drumsticks
¾ c. dry white wine
½ c. heavy cream
1 tbsp. quick mixing flour
1 tbsp. coarse grain Dijon mustard
1½ tbsp. fresh tarragon

This is perfect for a large group of people, that is, unless you REALLY like leftovers! This looks so good! For the full instructions, check out now. Enjoy!