WOW, this is so cool!…you can make your own Watermelon Shark for your next outdoor BBQ. It can be for everyone…not just the kids. Follow the directions on the Rachael Ray video. After you take the inside of the watermelon, combine cantaloupe, blueberries and grapes; toss gently and fill your shark. You can put blue water around the shark and lay gummy sharks in the “WATER” and hanging off his teeth; that’s enough to scare anyone. Thank you Rachael Ray for showing us something new and awesome to do with a watermelon…besides eat it the normal way!

Unfortunately, I’m unable to embed the video I mentioned above (thanks for NOT using youtube, Rachael!). So if you would like to try to make this amazing centerpiece, and you KNOW you do, you can just click here to go to her site directly. Time to make a SPLASH at your next party this Summer! Enjoy!

Edit: While this is NOT Rachael Ray’s video, I was able to find this video below that is pretty much going for the same thing! So a big thanks goes out to HooplaKids Recipes! Check it out: