My new obsession is finding recipes that use Nutella, I usually have a fairly generous supply around the house, and this one is my latest craze!

If you have kids they will love helping you put these nutella fruit dessert tacos together almost as much as they enjoy eating them.  My favorite thing about them is that they are so pretty when you put them together and end up full of flavor. Better still is the fact that you don’t ever need to turn the oven on. The only exception would be if you want to use real pudding as opposed to instant, but really, that’s it.

The mixture of sweetness with the pudding, chocolate, fruit and topping and then the saltiness of the taco shell is really a great combination.  The tacos are simple to put together.  You can even have everyone make their own.  It’s a different dessert that is light and amazing. That counts for a LOT in my house!

Here’s what you need:

Taco shells
Red Grapes
Vanilla pudding (I used one 3.4oz box mixed with 1 3/4 c milk for about 3 tacos)
Whipped Cream
Powdered sugar, optional

This fabulous and simple recipe is coming to you today thanks to If you have been desperately trying to get your kids to eat fruit, and nothing seems to work, this is a GREAT way to make them fans! If you would like to give these a try, be sure to head on over to now for the full instructions. Enjoy!