WOW, this Beautiful Rainbow Butterfly Cake totally lives up to its name! It will be a sure fire hit of any little girl’s birthday party. It shouldn’t take that long to make either, just make sure you have a 32 ounce yogurt container on hand to put all 3 colors of icing into. Then you start piping rosettes and before you know it, you will have finished your butterfly. This cake will simply be the hit of the party and make your little girl feel so special, and that’s a beautiful thing! Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens for this wonderful cake.

Here is what you’ll need to make Beautiful Rainbow Butterfly Cake:

Your favorite cake recipe, enough for 24 large cupcakes (such as the Classic Vanilla Cake recipe)
4 cups of your favorite frosting (such as Vanilla Buttercream)
5 regular-size cupcake liners
36 mini cupcake liners
1 regular-size cupcake pan
Mini cupcake pans
Gel food coloring in pink, sky blue, and lemon yellow
Piping bag fitted with an open star tip
One 32-ounce clean yogurt container
1-inch ball of purchased pink fondant
Circle cookie cutter
1/4-inch ball of purchased black fondant
Large rectangular cake board (24×20 inches)
Pink scrapbook paper (optional)
Heart-shape punch (optional)

 This is basically an edible art project. If it’s even half as fun to eat as it was to make, then it’s definitely a success in my book! For the full instructions, head over to Better Homes and Gardens now. Enjoy!