Whenever I see a recipe with cranberries as an ingredient, I think of Thanksgiving, but many of these recipes, I have found, can be made all year round. This is most definitely one of them!

This recipe is for really yummy Cranberry Cinnamon Chip Bars that are incredibly simple, smell unbelievably scrumptious, and are so tasty you will have a hard time putting them down!  The recipe is so easy, you simply put the ingredients in the pan one item at a time, layering each on top of the other.  Then put it all in the oven for about 30 minutes, let it cool, so it’s easier to cut, and then enjoy. There’s literally nothing to it!

Here’s what you need:

1/2 C (1 stick) real butter, melted
1 1/2 C graham cracker crumbs
1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
1 1/4 C shredded coconut
1 C cinnamon chips
1 C white chocolate chips
1/2 C chopped pecans
1/2 C dried cranberries

This awesome recipe is coming to you today thanks to ourbestbites.com. It’s gonna be really hard to find a recipe this simple and this satisfying! You need to try this the next chance you get. To do so, be sure to head on over to Our Best Bites now for the full instructions. Enjoy!