I could remember a bridal shower way back in 1973… there must have been 4 different desserts made with Jell-O—that might not SOUND impressive, but is WAS the 70s after all. It was pretty cool because they were all very different, not just your usual molds either, I’m talking about some really creative stuff.

After that party, I distinctly remember going through a massive Jell-O phase, I was addicted to it! There was even a Jell-O cook book that I had gotten with at least 30 different desserts that were all made with Jell-O, I remember it because I had it…but after all these years , it just vanished. It happens…

But I think that I will make these Jell-O cups to surprise my family. This was always one of my favorites, mostly because of how simple it was, but then again, Jell-O isn’t exactly hard to work with.

Here’s what you need:

3 (3-oz) packages flavored Jell-o, any color/flavor you like (I used sugar-free)
4 (1-oz) packages unflavored gelatin, divided
1 can sweetened condensed milk
½ cup cold water
4½ cups boiling water, divided
1 container lite Cool Whip, for serving
6 (9-oz) clear cups

Thank you Jen, from Yummy-Healthy-Easy for re-introducing these Layered Jell-O Cups to the new generation! I too remember always having Jell-O after meals; it was our go-to dessert back then. Be sure to head over to Yummy-Healthy-Easy now for the full instructions. Enjoy!