The kids and I were looking for a new dessert that we hadn’t tried before and we decided on this recipe for salted caramel cups.  It’s wonderful because there is no baking at all with this recipe. It’s also wonderful because there is just NOTHING better than a combination of salty and sweet!

The recipe includes very basic ingredients, most you probably already have in your cupboards, which is always good. The less shopping to do and less money you have to spend, the better! It’s best to use mini muffin tins for creating these bites.  They are the perfect dessert to use as a snack for you and the kids on movie night, but I warn you… they are ADDICTING, so make plenty!  They are so simple, and yet taste so incredibly good. I hope you like them!

Here’s what you need:

1½ cups Quaker Rolled Oats
1½ cups pecan halves
½ cup pretzels
8 whole medjool dates, pitted
⅔ cup coconut oil, melted
a pinch of coarse sea salt
1 cup thick caramel (could be homemade salted caramel, date caramel, or store bought caramel pieces melted into a sauce – but make sure it is a little bit salty!)
2 cups chocolate chips, melted
sea salt, optional, for topping

This scrumptious recipe is coming to you thanks to This recipe is so simple, I’ll be coming back for more time and time again! Those kindof recipes are just the best! If you would like to try these for yourself, then be sure to head on over to Pinch of Yum now for the full instructions. Enjoy!